Create a ZIP Code Region

ZIP Codes are very small and can be difficult to select on a map. Selecting them via search or multi-select can also be very tedious if you have more than 10. CVSuite offers the ability to create a ZIP Code region by copy and pasting ZIP Codes from a list. Here is how it works.


In region selection, add a new ZIP Code region. You can also use this feature to add ZIP Codes to an existing region.


click the “Paste data from spreadsheet” link.


Copy and paste your list of ZIP Codes into the text box. It is easiest to prepare your list of ZIP Codes in Excel with a single code on each row, formatted to 5 digits. We do not accept 9 digit ZIP Codes or comma-separated lists.

Click the “Add ZIP Code” button to add the codes to the current region. We will automatically remove any duplicate ZIP Codes that currently exist in your region and notify you if there are any errors such as conflicts with your current permissions or invalid ZIP Codes that are no longer supported by the USPS.





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