All new codes are not be selected by default in your account. You will see the new codes in your” Data Settings” available through the Dashboard. New codes are denoted with an asterisk so that you can easily identify which codes are new to the CVSuite. As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the CVSuite user to determine which codes to include in their definition of creative industries. Every region is unique and not every industry and occupation may be relevant for the region of analysis. If you have not done so, we recommend spending some time to review the codes available in the CVSuite and choosing codes specific to your region and economic goals

Update on 4/25/2017

2 Industry Codes (NAICS) additions

511140 Directory and Mailing List Publishers
541870 Advertising Material Distribution Services

Update on 8/26/2016

As part of a partnership with the Louisiana Office of Cultural Development (OCD), the Creative Vitality Suite added industry and occupation codes to the site that enables users to explore the impact of culinary arts and construction in the creative economy. In New Orleans and other cities across Louisiana, culinary arts and the restoration of architecture play an important role in Louisiana’s culture and the arts. The addition of these codes will allow other arts agencies to explore the impacts of these industries in their areas.



25 Industry Codes (NAICS) additions

238340 Tile and terrazzo contractors
238390 Other building finishing contractors
311340 Non-chocolate confectionery manufacturing
311423 Dried and dehydrated food manufacturing
311612 Meat processed from carcasses
311710 Seafood product preparation and packaging
311830 Tortilla manufacturing
311920 Coffee and tea manufacturing
311930 Flavoring syrup and concentrate manufacturing
311941 Mayonnaise, dressing, and other prepared sauce manufacturing
311942 Spice and extract manufacturing
312120 Breweries
445210 Meat markets
445220 Fish and seafood markets
445230 Fruit and vegetable markets
512132 Drive-in motion picture theaters
517110 Wired telecommunications carriers
541820 Public relations agencies
541830 Media buying agencies
541840 Media representatives
712130 Zoos and botanical gardens
712190 Nature parks and other similar institutions
722320 Caterers
722330 Mobile food services
722511 Full-service restaurants


26 Occupation Codes (SOC) additions

11-2021 Marketing managers
15-1131 Computer programmers
15-1132 Software developers, applications
15-1134 Web developers
17-1021 Cartographers and photogrammetrists
27-2099 Entertainers and performers, sports, and related workers
27-4013 Radio operators
35-1011 Chefs and head cooks
35-1012 First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers
35-2013 Cooks, private household
35-2014 Cooks, restaurant
35-2015 Cooks, short order
35-3031 Waiters and waitresses
35-9031 Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop
47-2044 Tile and marble setters
47-2161 Plasterers and stucco masons
51-6041 Shoe and leather workers and repairers
51-6051 Sewers, hand
51-6052 Tailors, dressmakers, and custom sewers
51-7011 Cabinetmakers and bench carpenters
51-7021 Furniture finishers
51-7031 Model makers, wood
51-9051 Furnace, kiln, oven, drier, and kettle operators and tenders
51-9151 Photographic process workers and processing machine operators
51-9194 Etchers and engravers
51-9195 Molders, shapers, and casters (except metal and plastic)

warning  Industry Sales Data for New Codes Not Available for 2011-2012

Industry sales data for the new codes is not available for the years 2011 and 2012. We have built in error messaging throughout the site to alert you if you have these new codes selected and are viewing the 2011 or 2012 data year. Keep this in mind when pulling reports from the system and looking at aggregated values.

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