CV™Suite covers the full spectrum of employment type, from full-time workers, such as those measured by state labor departments, and part-time and self-employed workers. Use the “data settings” function in the CV™Suite to select between these different “classes” of workers.

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– Details on each of the 4 types

– PDF for download, explaining 4 types of employment


4 Types of employment in CV™Suite

1. Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)

This is simply unsuppressed QCEW and will closely resemble what you would get from your state labor market information office. This means that any employment number that QCEW publishes will show up in our tool as the exact same number. Anyone who needs EMSI numbers to stick closely to Bureau of Labor Statistics QCEW numbers will have employment numbers that match.

2. Non QCEW Employees

This set is other groups who are not captured by QCEW, but who still count as employees. This includes railroad, military, some non-QCEW federal government workers, unemployment insurance exempt non-profits, and a few other miscellaneous categories. This is particularly helpful for evaluating those tricky military and government sectors that can dominate regional economies.

3. Self-Employed

These are self-employed workers who count their self-employed work as their primary source of income. Being able to include it along side our more traditional datasets will be very informative.

4. Extended Proprietors

These are workers who are counted as proprietors, but classify the income as peripheral to their primary employment. Many industries (primarily oil & gas extraction, finance & insurance, and real estate) include people who are considered sole proprietors or part of a partnership, yet have little or no involvement or income in the venture. And an increasing number of people fall into this category (e.g., those who do freelance work on the side, like writers or musicians) and now you will be able to see who they are more clearly.



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