CVI Methodology & Codes

The Creative Vitality Index compares the per capita concentration of creative activity in two regions. Data on creative industries, occupations, and cultural nonprofit revenues are indexed using a population-based calculation. The resulting CVI Value shows a region’s creative vitality compared to another region. For more detailed information regarding methodology please download this PDF: CVI Methodology

Codes included in CVI Value listed below: 9 Industries by NAICS code

451140 Musical instrument and supplies stores
451211 Book stores
443142 Electronic Store Sales*
453920 Art dealers
711110 Theater companies and dinner theaters
711120 Dance companies
711130 Musical groups and artists
711190 Other performing arts companies
711510 Independent artists, writers, and performers
*Only 29.2% of “electronic stores” revenues are included. For more information about the inclusion of this code see “2007 to 2012 NAICS code transition”

36 Occupations by SOC code

11-2011 Advertising and Promotions Managers
11-2031 Public Relations and Fundraising Managers
13-1011 Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes
17-1011 Architects, Except Landscape and Naval
17-1012 Landscape Architects
21-2021 Directors, Religious Activities and Education
25-4021 Librarians
27-1011 Art Directors
27-1013 Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators
27-1014 Multi-Media Artists and Animators
27-1021 Commercial and Industrial Designers
27-1022 Fashion Designers
27-1023 Floral Designers
27-1024 Graphic Designers
27-1025 Interior Designers
27-1027 Set and Exhibit Designers
27-2011 Actors
27-2012 Producers and Directors
27-2031 Dancers
27-2032 Choreographers
27-2041 Music Directors and Composers
27-2042 Musicians and Singers
27-3011 Radio and Television Announcers
27-3031 Public Relations Specialists
27-3041 Editors
27-3042 Technical Writers
27-3043 Writers and authors
27-3099 Media and Communication Workers, All Other
27-4011 Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
27-4012 Broadcast Technicians
27-4014 Sound Engineering Technicians
27-4021 Photographers
27-4031 Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture
27-4032 Film and Video Editors
27-4099 Media Communications Equipment Workers, All Other
49-9063 Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners


45 Nonprofit organization types by NTEE code

A01 Alliances & Advocacy
A02 Management & Technical Assistance
A03 Professional Societies & Associations
A11 Single Organization Support
A12 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
A19 Other Arts & Culture Support Organizations
A20 Arts & Culture
A23 Cultural/Ethnic Awareness
A24 Folk Arts
A25 Arts Education
A26 Arts & Humanities Councils & Agencies
A27 Community Celebrations
A30 Media and communications
A31 Film & Video
A32 Television
A33 Print and publishing
A34 Radio
A40 Visual Arts
A50 Museums (non-arts)
A51 Art Museums
A51 Folk Arts Museums
A52 Children’s Museums
A54 History museums
A56 Natural history and natural science museums
A57 Science & Technology Museums
A60 Performing Arts
A61 Performing Arts Centers
A62 Dance
A63 Ballet
A65 Theater
A68 Music
A69 Symphony Orchestras
A6A Opera
A6B Singing & Choral Groups
A6C Bands & Ensembles
A6E Performing arts schools
A70 Humanities
A80 Historical Organizations
A82 Historical societies and historic preservation
A84 Commemorative Events
A90 Arts Services
A99 Other Arts & Culture Organizations
N05; A05 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis
N52 Fairs


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