As designer, developer, and manager of the Creative Vitality Suite™ (CVSuite™), WESTAF requires use of the official CVSuite™ logo and acknowledgement of WESTAF when using any data from the CVSuite™ in public announcements, releases, interviews, articles, or other public documentation wherein CVSuite™ data are referenced.

Download this PDF for reference: Usage and attribution sheet


Please cut and paste the following suggested language, used to describe WESTAF and the CVSuite™:

“The Creative Vitality™ Suite was designed and developed by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), a regional nonprofit arts service organization, experienced research organization, and developer of technology solutions for the arts.”

To assist clients in talking about the Creative Vitality Suite™, WESTAF has standard language and talking points available upon request. For information about WESTAF and the CVSuite™, please contact WESTAF.

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