Data Settings allow you to customize the occupational and industry data you would like to see throughout the site.

What Data Settings can I Change?

The CVSuite allows for the inclusion or exclusion of NAICS and SOC codes and class of worker in the data seen throughout the site. As of April 1, 2015 data versioning can also be changed.

Default Data Settings

The CVSuite contains 97 industries (by NAICS code) total and by default 72 NAICS codes are selected. The CVSuite contains 85 occupations (by SOC code) total and by default 59 SOC codes are selected. The default for class of worker is: QCEW, Non-QCEW and Self-employed (Extended Proprietors is not selected). Class of worker impacts the types of employment that are included in the occupations and the jobs data displayed in industries. The default for data versioning will be set to the most current data version.

How to Change Data Settings

Here we show changing the settings for Creative Industries. The settings in both Creative Occupations and Class of Worker can be changed by following the same steps.

1. On the Dashboard use the Data Settings link at the top of the right column.


2. The data settings panel will display with the Creative Industries tab open.

3. Here we have deselected 541810 Advertising Agencies, which removes the jobs in advertising agencies from the industry data available in the site. Selecting the “x”in the right corner of the panel will save changes and close the window.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.25.34 AM


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