Data provider: Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI)
Number of Occupations: 85
PDF Codebook: List of all codes in CVSuite

What you need to know

Data Updates

Keep in mind that our data provider, EMSI models occupational data from more than 80 different public and proprietary sources. EMSI updates its occupation data quarterly based on when the data sources EMSI uses in its model are updated. When these updates occur previous data are also adjusted.

So what does this mean for you? For example, 2012 jobs numbers from one data update might look different when getting 2012 employment figures from another data update. This approach allows you to have the most complete picture of your area’s creative jobs. Having just one data source is not enough to understand the complexities of your creative job market. These data sources work in tandem with each other; filling in the gaps where one data stream is insufficient.

Having these types of quarterly updates is considered a data best practice. Having the most current, most accurate numbers will give a better understanding of the creative workforce in your region.

Comprehensive count of jobs

Many workers in the creative economy are either part-time or are self-employed which is why occupation data in the CVSuite includes full and part-time workers, and sole proprietors.

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC):

This system is used by Federal statistical agencies to classify workers into occupational categories for the purpose of collecting, calculating, or disseminating data. All workers are classified into one of 840 detailed occupations according to their occupational definition.

Below you will find a listing of all occupations available in the CV™Suite. The six digit number on the left is the SOC code, followed by a description of the occupation. Definitions of each specific occupations is included The SOC codes, occupation description, and definition are taken from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. More information about this topic can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics site.

How the occupations were selected

The occupations offered in the CV™Suite were selected based on two criteria:

1. Occupations that are highly correlated with measured skill sets in thinking creatively, originality, and fine arts knowledge as measured by the Employment and Training Administration’s “O*NET” occupational network database.

2. Input from CVSuite clients

Listing of Occupations (SOC)

SOC Code Name of Occupation
11-2011 Advertising and promotions managers
11-2021 Marketing managers
11-2021 Marketing managers
11-2031 Public relations managers
13-1011 Agents/business managers of artists
15-1131 Computer programmers
15-1132 Software developers, applications
15-1134 Web developers
17-1011 Architects, except landscape
17-1012 Landscape architects
17-1021 Cartographers and photogrammetrists
25-4011 Archivists
25-4012 Curators
25-4013 Museum Technicians/Conservators
25-4021 Librarians
25-4031 Library technicians
25-9011 Audio-visual collections specialists
27-1011 Art directors
27-1012 Craft artists
27-1013 Fine artists, including painters, sculptors, illustrators
27-1014 Multi-media artists and animators
27-1019 Artists and related workers
27-1021 Commercial and industrial designers
27-1022 Fashion designers
27-1023 Floral designers
27-1024 Graphic designers
27-1025 Interior designers
27-1027 Set and exhibit designers
27-1029 Designers, all others
27-2011 Actors
27-2012 Producers and directors
27-2031 Dancers
27-2032 Choreographers
27-2041 Music directors and composers
27-2042 Musicians and singers
27-2099 Entertainers and performers, sports, and related workers
27-2099 Entertainers, performers, sports, and related workers
27-3011 Radio and television announcers
27-3021 Broadcast news analysts
27-3022 Reporters and correspondents
27-3031 Public relations specialists
27-3041 Editors
27-3042 Technical writers
27-3043 Writers and authors
27-3099 Media and communication workers
27-4011 Audio and video equipment technicians
27-4012 Broadcast technicians
27-4013 Radio operators
27-4013 Radio operators
27-4014 Sound engineering technicians
27-4021 Photographers
27-4031 Camera operators, TV, video and film
27-4032 Film and video editors
27-4099 Media and communication equipment workers, all other
35-1011 Chefs and head cooks
35-1012 First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers
35-2013 Cooks, private household
35-2014 Cooks, restaurant
35-2015 Cooks, short order
35-3031 Waiters and waitresses
35-9031 Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop
47-2044 Tile and marble setters
47-2161 Plasterers and stucco masons
51-6041 Shoe and leather workers and repairers
51-6051 Sewers, hand
51-6052 Tailors, dressmakers, and custom sewers
51-7011 Cabinetmakers and bench carpenters
51-7021 Furniture finishers
51-7031 Model makers, wood
51-9051 Furnace, kiln, oven, drier, and kettle operators and tenders
51-9151 Photographic process workers and processing machine operators
51-9194 Etchers and engravers
51-9195 Molders, shapers, and casters (except metal and plastic)

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