Data provider: Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI)
Number of Industries: 98
Industry jobs updated Quarterly in May and October
Industry revenues Updated annually in October
PDF Codebook: List of all codes in CVSuite

What you need to know

Quarterly updates for industry jobs:

Keep in mind that our data provider, EMSI models jobs within creative industries from more than 80 different public and proprietary sources. EMSI updates its jobs data quarterly based on when the data sources EMSI uses in its model are updated. When these quarterly updates occur previous data are also adjusted.

So what does this mean for you? For example, 2012 jobs numbers from one data update might look different when getting 2012 employment figures from another data update. This approach allows you to have the most complete picture of your area’s creative jobs. Having just one data source is not enough to understand the complexities of your creative job market. These data sources work in tandem with each other; filling in the gaps where one data stream is insufficient.

Having these types of quarterly updates is considered a best data practice. Having the most current and accurate numbers will give a better understanding of the creative workforce in your region.

Comprehensive count of jobs

Many workers in the creative economy are either part-time or are self-employed which is why occupation data in the CVSuite includes full and part-time workers, and sole proprietors.

North American Industry Classification System Codes (NAICS Codes)

Federal statistical agencies use NAICS codes for the collection, tabulation, presentation, and analysis of economic statistics.

Below you will find a listing of all industries within the CV™Suite. The six digit number on the left is the NAICS code, followed by a description of the industry. Definitions of each specific industry is included The NAICS codes, industry description, and definition are taken from the United States Census Bureau. For more information regarding this topic please visit the United States Census Bureau site.

How industries were selected

Industries offered in the CV™Suite were selected based on relevance to the creative economy and the economic contributions that these industries offer to the creative economy. Input from CV™Suite clients played an important role when selecting the industries for inclusion in the CV™Suite.

List of industry Codes (NAICS)

NAICS Code Industry Definition
238150 Glass and glazing contractors
238340 Tile and terrazzo contractors
238390 Other building finishing contractors
311340 Non-chocolate confectionery manufacturing
311423 Dried and dehydrated food manufacturing
311612 Meat processed from carcasses
311710 Seafood product preparation and packaging
311830 Tortilla manufacturing
311920 Coffee and tea manufacturing
311930 Flavoring syrup and concentrate manufacturing
311941 Mayonnaise, dressing, and other prepared sauce manufacturing
311942 Spice and extract manufacturing
312120 Breweries
323111 Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books)
323113 Commercial screen printing
323117 Books printing
323120 Support activities for printing
327110 Pottery, ceramics, and plumbing fixture manufacturing
327212 Other pressed and blown glass and glassware manufacturing
332323 Ornamental and architectural metal work manufacturing
337212 Custom architectural woodwork and millwork manufacturing
339910 Jewelry and silverware manufacturing
339992 Musical instrument manufacturing
423940 Jewelry, watch, precious stone, and precious metal merchant wholesalers
424920 Book, periodical, and newspaper merchant wholesalers
443142 Electronic stores
445210 Meat markets
445220 Fish and seafood markets
445230 Fruit and vegetable markets
448310 Jewelry stores
451130 Sewing, needlework, and piece goods stores
451140 Musical instrument and supplies stores
451211 Book stores
453110 Florists
453310 Used merchandise stores
453920 Art dealers
511110 Newspaper publishers
511120 Periodical publishers
511130 Book publishers
511140 Directory and mailing list publishers
511191 Greeting card publishers
511199 All other publishers
511210 Software publishers
512110 Motion picture and video production
512120 Motion picture and video distribution
512131 Motion picture theaters (except drive-Ins)
512132 Drive-in motion picture theaters
512191 Teleproduction and other postproduction services
512199 Other motion picture and video industries
512230 Music publishers
512240 Sound recording studios
512250 Record Production and Distribution
512290 Other sound recording industries
515111 Radio networks
515112 Radio stations
515120 Television broadcasting
515210 Cable and other subscription programming
517311 Wired telecommunications carriers
519110 News syndicates
519120 Libraries and archives
519130 Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals
541310 Architectural services
541320 Landscape architectural services
541340 Drafting services
541410 Interior design services
541420 Industrial design services
541430 Graphic design services
541490 Other specialized design services
541810 Advertising agencies
541820 Public relations agencies
541830 Media buying agencies
541840 Media representatives
541850 Display advertising
541860 Direct mail advertising
541870 Advertising material distribution services
541890 Other services related to advertising
541921 Photography studios, portrait
541922 Commercial photography
611610 Fine arts schools (private)
711110 Theater companies and dinner theaters
711120 Dance companies
711130 Musical groups and artists
711190 Other performing arts companies
711310 Promoters of performing arts, sports, and similar events with facilities
711320 Promoters of performing arts, sports, and similar events without facilities
711410 Agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers, and other public figures
711510 Independent artists, writers, and performers
712110 Museums
712120 Historical sites
712130 Zoos and botanical gardens
712190 Nature parks and other similar institutions
722320 Caterers
722330 Mobile food services
722511 Full-service restaurants
811420 Reupholstery and furniture repair
812921 Photofinishing laboratories (except one-hour)
812922 One-hour photofinishing
813410 Civic and social organizations

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